Ongoing Website Maintenance and Marketing Package

Once a website is designed, it needs to be maintained. Content needs to be updated and the website must be promoted.


  • When needed, we will make changes to your content such as new products or services, price changes, new promotions, and other changes.


  • We will make changes to increase search engine rankings.
  • We will place links and content on other relevant websites and on social media sites such as Facebook and Linked-In.
  • We will develop your Facebook Business Page and enhance your Facebook Personal Profile.
  • We will develop your LinkedIn presence.
  • We can create a blog and incorporate the content into your Facebook presence.
  • Press releases are important when something new happens at your business.
  • In some cases paid advertising (Google Adwords, etc.) may be desirable.
  • As fewer people read print material and more people migrate to the Internet, part of your advertising and marketing budget should be used to drive traffic to your website and social media pages.


  • The amount of time for us to spend on your website each month depends on your business.
  • For most small businesses and restaurants, we recommend 7.5 hours per week.
  • Some of the time will be devoted to making content changes on your website. The remainder will be used for search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, press releases, other desired advertising and marketing solutions and analysis of website traffic statistics.
  • A large amount of time will be spent on your social media presence.
  • You many not be able to have someone forty-hours per week, but need someone for an average of 7.5 hours each week. A website and social media presence is an ongoing commitment.


  • We will give a discount off our regular rate when you commit to ongoing services. Besides our hourly rate, other fees may be needed for third party solutions such as pay-per-click ads and press release submission.

Other Details

  • If someone from our company has spoken with or written to you, please contact that person; otherwise please call us at (561) 862-0029 or contact us for more infomation.