Small Business Website Package

Progressive Web Site and Information Services develops websites for many types of businesses. Our package includes important features to get your website up and running. You may customize your website by adding additional features.

Home Page

  • Name, Still Photos, Tag Line, Address, Telephone Number

About Us

  • Describes the business, products, services and staff.
  • Still Photos included.

Detail Pages

  • Two pages included (others additional) describing products and services.
  • Still photos included.


  • Page Describing Hours of Operation.

Add to Mailing List

  • A contact form that email results to you.


  • Web special with information, promotion name, code, or coupon.

Map and Directions

  • Static page with a map and directions.
  • Link to dynamic third-party map and directions is an option.

Search Engines

  • Site designed with search engines in mind.
  • Pages, Titles and Keywords added.

Other Details

  • Domain registration and hosting for one year.
  • If you are local we meet with you in person.
  • You provide photos in agreed upon digital format.
  • (Optional Service: We do photography).
  • Optional Services:
  • Extra pages, photos in slideshow format (automatic or manual), on-site photography, extensive photo editing, video, event page, contact form that stores results or anything else are extra.
  • Once site is developed, we have optional services that include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, links on other websites and other marketing techniques.
  • Facebook Business Page as a companion to your main website.
  • If you need a blog created, the content can be incorporated into your Facebook presence and into LinkedIn.
  • If you will need to change content or have a specials page that changes frequently, please let us now before work begins on website.
  • If someone from our company has spoken with or written to you, please contact that person; otherwise please call us at (561) 862-0029 or contact us for more infomation.