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Progressive Web Site and Information Services is a corporation which designs, develops, promotes and maintains web sites and a social media presence. We can promote your site through social media, email campaigns, online advertising and search engine optimization. Even if you already have an exisiting website, we can work with you involving your social media presence and online advertising campaign. We will drive traffic to your main website, blog site and social media pages.

A website should not be regarded as a one-time project. You need a company or person who provides ongoing support, integrates social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, optimizes the website for search engines, places links or stories on other websites, manages advertising campaigns, and keeps your web pages updated.

Your social media web pages for business have become very important recently, sometimes as important as your main website.

We serve businesses who do not necessarily need a full-time web person, but need guidance given and work done on a regular and consistent basis.

We are now located in Tallahassee, Florida and have clients throughout the state. We also can work with clients located anywhere. We provide excellent customer service and meet local clients in person. We can travel to other cities or states.

One of our clients is Keller Williams Realty. We have developed websites for real estate agents and offices utilizing Keller Williams tools. We have also created websites for other real estate offices and for many other types of businesses.

"It would have taken me all year (if lucky) without the same results. Your patience and concern was overwhelming and greatly appreciated. You put your heart and soul into your work and it is obvious your client comes first."

Mary Jean Paradise
Keller Williams Realty Boynton Beach

One of our recent clients is a law firm, Gerald Adams and Associates, LLC. We provide social media and website marketing services and are aware of regulations affecting attorney advertising including website and social media content.

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